Lost Boy Piano Sheet Music

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lost boy is the debut song of a Canadian singer named Ruth Berhe, a girl born on July 2, 1995 in Edmenton Laberta, was successful in making baper music lovers released on February 12 2015, written by her own singer, this song was successful as the only mainstay in the mini album titled the intro.

Lost Boy Piano Sheet Music

Sheet Music Download
Title : Lost Boy
Komposer : Ruth B
Instrument : Piano
Key : E minor
Difficulty : Medium
Styles : Pop
File type : PDF
Pages : 12
File size : 900 KB

About ‘Lost Boy’

The song is sung by a 20-year-old singer from Canada is very fitting to hear to accompany the lonely night. With easy listening music, the lyrics in this song are also full of imagination and fantasy written by the singer himself.

The lyrics themselves tell the story of someone who seemed to lose his way and could not find his old world. There was no longer a place he had to go to unwind, even friends who had always been with him somewhere, they all seemed to go away looking for their lives. But one night, when the loneliness came back, suddenly a picture came and said something to him.

The figure usually referred to as Peter Pan said that starting tonight he will not be lonely. Evidently, since then he was invited to fly and play to relieve loneliness, running in the middle of the woods as if away from reality. Now he is a lost boy of Neverland who plays with Peter Pan. Missing children always seem to be free to do anything and free to go anywhere. No one cared, because he was the lost boy of Neverland.