Pirates of the Caribbean Piano Sheet Music

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Pirates of the Caribbean music was written by Klaus Badelt, to date there are five Pirates of the Caribbean films, all based on the Disneyland 1967 theme park. The five films to date have earned more than $4.5 billion in ticket sales and have been nominated with a total of 11 Oscars.

Pirates of the Caribbean Piano Sheet Music

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Title : Pirates of the Caribbean Theme
Composer : Klaus Badelt
Instrument : Piano
Key : D minor
Difficulty : Medium
Styles : Movie, TV, Soundtrack
File type : PDF
Pages : 5
File size : 177 KB

About ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a pirate adventure film set in the Caribbean in the mid-18th century. This film was inspired by a Disney game vehicle designed by Walt Disney. The film was directed by Gore Verbinski, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The film made $ 654 million worldwide, making it the 22nd largest income film in the United States.

This film takes the background of the Caribbean region which in the era of the 16th and 17th century was controlled by English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. The Caribbean at that time was an area of ​​islands with a fairly wide sea and was famous for its pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean is also one of the longest attractions in Disneyland with a travel time of about 15 minutes. The popularity of Pirates of The Caribbean also inspired Jerry Bruckheimer to produce film series based on the characters and storyline of this attraction.

Pirates of the Caribbean seems to be so popular that it is included in the box office films. Until April 2017, the film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ranked 19th on the list of the world’s highest-grossing Box Office films of all time.

The film’s revenue was recorded at $1.07 billion. In the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, the income reached $634.95 million, or five times greater than the production costs recorded at $125 million. For the fourth film, On Stranger Tides, the income is $1,045.66 million or four times more than the production cost which is worth $250 million. In total, the fourth income of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series reached US $3,710.25 million with a production cost of only $900 million.