Rewrite The Stars Piano Sheet Music

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“Rewrite The Stars” is one of the soundtracks in the musical The Greatest Showman by Zac Efron and Zendaya. The album was released on November 17, 2017 by Atlantic Records as a promotional single from The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Rewrite The Stars Piano Sheet Music

Sheet Music Download
Title : Rewrite The Stars
Artist : The Greatest Showman
Instrument : Piano
Key : Bb Major
Difficulty : Medium
Styles : Movie, TV, Musical Theatre, Soundtrack
File type : PDF
Pages : 9
File size : 1.27 MB

About ‘Rewrite The Stars’

“Rewrite the stars” tells more about a man who hopes for a woman. And that fact for him is no secret. He also guessed, if this woman likes him. He also asked to say that they were not bound or locked in something that made them disagree or conflict with each other, because the woman always said no. Maybe, destiny or the world of women make him have to stay away, but in the heart of the man will never stay away, there will always be there. Because know, this woman is indeed her lover. What if writing stars? Where they can expect the highest or get what they want at night. There was nothing that kept them away again and that was repeatedly stressed by the man.

The woman who dodged, replied, if all that tam was as easy as a man’s mind. He also has the same feeling, but there is a mountain, there is a door that blocks, where the tiled object is like a roadblock to meet one another. Although it is possible to be together, without that obstacle.

However, when they had met, when they were free, this man woke up and lost hope because he realized, it was only a dream, just a dream to be proud of. There is no hope and don’t dream anymore. Yes, stars and dreams are at night. How could he belong to the woman if conditions were like that. Everyone distances them again. The woman explained, if in this world, she was not the only woman who could be found.

In the end, the woman wanted the man to say, that the world belonged to them that night. Maybe already too worried about the obstacles, why not calm down? Yes, what he wants is to fly, so only happy that he can, and fall, meaning falling in love with him and he wants everything from the man even though it is impossible. Then he was firm, the man said, everything is possible, nothing is impossible. And at the end, they will surely be destroyed, will be hurt because of obstacles, then their hands will still be bound. Always like that

What makes this song feel like, when they can’t be together because of an obstacle, where they are bound to something that really shouldn’t be prohibited or passed over like that. Because, the risk of falling in love is going to make them hurt because of unexpected things, so carried away.

For example in the real world, I would say it is like a love of different religions. It’s useless dreaming together, if they are bound by different things, in the end they will be hurt even though they love each other. That would be the saddest thing. That is destiny, sometimes painful. What can be achieved when someone is unable to achieve it, is to hope, daydream, even though he knows he has failed.

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