Say Something Piano Sheet Music

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“Say Something” written by Ian Axel and released on September 3, 2013 is part of the single “Is Anybody Out There?” Belonging to the duo of A Great Big World, of which Ian is one of its personnel. When this song is introduced as an accompaniment to the reality show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Say Something Piano Sheet Music

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Title : Say Something
Artist : A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
Instrument : Piano
Key : D Major
Difficulty : Medium
Styles : Indie, Pop
File type : PDF
Pages : 5
File size : 928 KB

About ‘Say Something’

The new music group in the duo formation, A Great Big World, caught the attention when they released a single titled “Say Something” by featuring Christina Aguilera in it. This song sounds melancholy and solemn, amazingly touching in the lyrics and songs that we rarely hear from divas who are famous for their vocal strength and ferocity.

As the owner of the title “the voice of a generation“, Christina should have mastered vocal techniques with various executions. Listen and prove, how the vocal preparations he performed for the song A Great Big World changed its image from gahar to melancholy. The touch he made was strongly influenced by Ian Axel, his duet partner in this song.

With incredibly brave lyrics, the singing style that is so weak and maximal in low notes causes an imbalance in the background. But that’s precisely what makes this song interesting in terms of artistic. That’s the main selling point, as evidenced by the achievement of this song on the iTunes chart, as well as breaking the number 1 spot on the Billboard digital sales chart, a position that A Great Big World has yet to achieve when introducing this song for the first time.

The song “Say Something” tells the story of someone who has very high hopes for the person he loves. But what happened instead was not in accordance with the wishes and expectations.

The message in the song “Say Something”, He (the man) who was new to the world of romance or loved someone so big, it turned out to put his heart on the wrong person.

Instead of getting happiness, in fact even deep pain he felt. The woman refused her love with a cold attitude and silence a thousand languages.

The guy just hopes his prayers say something to answer their anxiety and question marks, so he knows what to do next.

Indeed they were originally a good friend, only the guy turned out to be more deviant, so he hoped that the friendship was not only limited to that, but more to a love affair in order to live together forever in the shade of love.