Someone Like You Piano Sheet Music

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Someone Like You is a song sung and written by Adele and Dan Wilson this turned out to be a bitter true story in Adele’s life. In this song, Adele tells us that her ex-boyfriend has gotten a new lover and he feels comfortable with his new lover. In addition, it turns out that Adele’s ex-girlfriend’s dream has come true because her new lover can also give what Adele cannot give to her ex-lover.

Someone Like You Piano Sheet Music

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Title : Someone Like You
Composer : Adele & Dan Wilson
Instrument : Piano
Key : A Major
Difficulty : Medium
Styles : Pop, Pop Rock
File type : PDF
Pages : 4
File size : 72 KB

About ‘Someone Like You’

In the song Someone Like You, Adele tells about her ex who turned out to have met a new lover, married, and lived in peace with her lover. Not only that, the dream of the former has been achieved.

His new lover can also give what can not be given to the former Adele. Again, told in the lyrics of the song, that Adele was not able to get out of the sadness that was not expected, but he knew that he could not continue to drag on that sadness. Adele hopes the ex wants to see herself and recalls the past, because for her it is not over yet.

The memories of the past cannot be compared to anything else. All worries and concerns, regrets and mistakes, all of them produce memories, ups and downs that cannot be felt by others. In the end Adele was resigned. He will look for people who are like the ex. He prayed that the ex gets the best in his life. But he also hopes the ex doesn’t forget it. He begged so because he would keep remembering that past.

Because sometimes those memories can’t be forgotten, even though sometimes it hurts when it is remembered.