Star Wars Piano Sheet Music

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Star Wars soundtracks have been used since 1977 until his latest film, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ which was released in December 2017. The composer, John Williams won an Oscar in 1977 for the Original Score category.

Star Wars Piano Sheet Music

Sheet Music Download
Title : Star Wars Main Theme
Composer : John Williams
Instrument : Piano
Key : Bb Major
Difficulty : Medium
Styles : Movie, TV, Soundtrack
File type : PDF
Pages : 1
File size : 48 KB

About ‘Star Wars’

For fans of the ‘Star Wars’ series, certainly no stranger to the name of John Williams. On May 4, which coincides with Star Wars Day, there’s nothing wrong if you get to know John Williams better. The composer born in New York, February 8, 1932, is the person behind the theme songs in the films ‘Star Wars’ since 1977, which is when the film ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ was released.

John Williams then continued to make theme songs for ‘Star Wars’ in subsequent films. One of his most iconic works is the theme song played at the legendary ‘Star Wars’ opening crawl. The ‘Star Wars’ opening crawl is one of the parts that characterizes the series. Opened with static writing that contains an introductory story and begins with “A long tima a go in a galaxy far, far away …“.

John Williams’s music was felt to be able to bring the film to life. In working on the theme song for the film ‘A New Hope’ (1977), ‘The Empira Strikes Back’ (1980), ‘Return of Jedi’ (1983), ‘The Phantom Menace’ (1999), ‘Attack of Clones’ (2002 ), until ‘Revenge of the Sith’ (2005), he worked with the London Symphony Orchestra.

In 2015, he returned to work on the song for the latest film ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Force Awakens’. In addition to working on songs for ‘Star Wars’, John Williams also worked on theme songs for ‘E.T.’, ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, ‘Indiana Jones’, to ‘Harry Potter’.

His success in music was rewarded by various awards in the music arena to honorary degrees from a number of well-known universities.

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